Wish you were here

Dear Tadpole,

On days like today, I wish you were already here. I am sick and at home from work and Dad is working. I feel alone and wishing I had a baby to love on. In a few years though, I will probably be dying for some alone time so I will try to cherish it!

I have been thinking a lot about how I want to raise you when it comes to faith. Recently, I have written some controversial blogs that deal with Heaven and Hell and the fact that I do not believe in them the way most do. The response from a lot of my Christian friends has not been very Christian. In fact, it has caused a lot of people to reject me just because I believe something different. I predicted some negativity but not this much. There is good news though, a lot of my friends who had been Christians and have rejected the Church have come to me and been so thankful that a Christian is writing about these types of topics which is so worth all the other responses.  During this time though, I really began to wonder how I would raise my child with an all encompassing love for all without forcing you to believe how I believe.

A lot of the ‘Christian’ friends that flipped out over my blogs are the ones who have never really opened up the Bible and who have gone to church their whole lives because that is just what their families have always done. They have learned the rules and the things one should and should not say. So, when someone says something that doesn’t fit that mold and claims to be a “Christian” they get quite disturbed.

My hope as a parent, is that you have to “unlearn” as much possible from me and your Father. What I mean by that, is that I give you just enough guidance and education to expand your mind and heart but not too much that you can’t make and form your own ideas and beliefs for yourself. I hope I instill a vibrant curiosity in your heart and that you have enough courage and bravery to explore faith, ideas, humanity, ethics and whatever else your little heart chooses to dive into. Above all, I want you to know that you are so so loved by me, by your Dad and by your Creator.

Lots of love,

Mom oxoxo


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