Possibly Pregnant?

Dear Baby, 

Are you here? For the past week you have got me thinking so. I have had every early pregnancy symptom in the book.



Shortness of Breath

Smells are obnoxious

Head aches



And my breasts are so, so sore (sorry, I know this will just gross you out one day)

I have already taken 2 pregnancy tests but far too early than your supposed to- that was your Dad’s doing. I got home from work the other day and he literally threw them at me. I tried to tell him that it would do no good but he insisted. Bless his heart.

He is truly hoping I am pregnant with you. He has been wishfully hoping all week while I’ve been complaining of nausea and how he all of a sudden smells different and weird to me.

I do not know what to think. I think that my birth control could be producing these symptoms but deep down, I am hoping too that it is you. I’ve tried to press down this hope because I know I will only be disappointed if I get another negative result.

Either way, you will make your claim in this world when the time is right. When your ready. When your needed. It will all unfold beautifully and mysteriously. I patiently await.


Now, Mommy has to go find some ginger ale to sooth my tummy.

Love you already and always,



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