9 weeks

Baby Blueberry,

I am 9 weeks this week. I feel very bloated and am nervous that I’m already gaining weight which is hard to imagine since I have spent the better part of the week with a stomach bug. It was horrible and such a blur. I called my midwife because Monday I was projectile vomiting and having diarrhea (sorry for the TMI!). I thought it was the worst case of morning sickness but after talking to my midwife she concluded that it was a stomach bug and I would have to come to the hospital the next day for IV fluids if I wasn’t able to keep anything down. I was determined to not go in so I chugged some gatorade and forced myself to sleep so I could keep it down. It worked. I am feeling like a normal human again and so thankful to not feeling completely sick anymore.

Your Dad and I have been talking about whether you will be a girl or boy a lot this week. Daddy says he’s felt a strong sense that you are a girl since the moment we found out we were pregnant with you. It is more difficult for me to say so early. I have always pictured myself with a little girl since I was young so I’m trying to not let that influence my opinion. What will be, will be and I will be overjoyed either way- I already am.

We celebrated Thanksgiving this past week and I so enjoyed the time off work to rest my weary body and celebrate with family. We went to lunch with your Dad’s side of the family at your MeMo’s house. MeMo is what you will call your Dad’s Mom and you will love her! We already told his family at MeMo’s birthday dinner and they were shocked and SO excited! Alli wasn’t there so we told her at Thanksgiving. We all went around the table and said what we were thankful for and when it came to me I said I was thankful for our baby. Alli’s jaw dropped and we all shared in more excitement.

Everyone is surprised by you- you have already created so many smiles, shrieks of excitement, laughter and joy. I can’t imagine how this will multiply when you are actually here.

After lunch, we went to my Mom’s house for a late Thanksgiving gathering. We had already told my Mom, Dad, Whitney and Walker on Mom’s birthday but we hadn’t told my grandparents, aunt or cousin. So, we told them the same way we did at MeMo’s. It turned out that my Mom had slipped it out to my grandparents and Mom wasn’t too happy that Grandma spilt the beans that she already knew. It didn’t really bother me. Allison (my cousin) who is pregnant with your 2nd cousin, Niles was elated! I think she was happy to know someone else in the family was pregnant and that Niles would have a buddy.

Our family hasn’t had any new babies (on my side) in over 21 years. As the “kids” of the family have grown up, our family has grown apart in many ways. My Mom said the other day, that she thinks having two new babies will bring new life and joy to the family and help us pull together again. The cycle of life is painful but full of beauty. You will be part of that beauty.

We are busy decorating the house with Christmas whimsy and soaking in our last Christmas as just the two of us as much as we can. We are so ready for you already, but we are also feeling the cling to spend more time together. When you get here, our world will change and for the better. But until then, we want to soak each other up before we give you our all.

Your Daddy helped me decorate the wreath, I think I’ve trained him well! hehe.
Love you Blueberry. so much.

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