10 Weeks we Heard Joy!

10 Weeks

10 Weeks

Joy. Pure unsolicited joy. That is the only way I can express my heart. We had our first pre-natal visit with Vanderbilt Midwives this week and we heard the tiny but overwhelming flutters of your heart beats! You are already so full of life and so surrounded with love. Your Dad and I cried at the first sounds of you. I have never been so relieved in my life. Before that moment, this whole pregnancy thing has been pretty obscure and confusing. I went from not feeling very pregnant and doubting your presence to finding myself over the toilet when nausea took over.

Your heart beats though, change it all. It was like meeting you for the very first time. Your Aunt Katie let us borrow her doppler and we listen to you every night and we feel so close and connected to you. It gives me peace which is so healing right now with the crazy roller coaster my hormones have been sending me on. We are already overwhelmingly blessed by you.

Loved you before you came down, love you now, love you always.



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