Secret Video Reactions


I am a very sneaky Momma. I decided to film everyone’s reactions to the news of you being in the world! By far, your Daddy’s reaction is my all time favorite. I’m glad we have this to show you one day! Everyone is very happy that you are on your way.


15 thoughts on “Secret Video Reactions

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  2. Congratulations! Thank you for making me a part of your news. Welcome to the adventure! Your life will never be the same and will never be better! Will pray that the nausea eases off. (and if Blueberry holds off 2 days, it will share my birthday!)

  3. That was BEAUTIFUL!!! So well done and so precious to have all of those special people represented! I got teary eyed a Lucas’ response! And then the heartbeat. And fav part was- I’m thankful for.. my baby! So thrilled for you Hutson trio!!!

    • Thank-you Rachel! I love your reaction…it is such a “Rachel” response. Where as everyone else screamed and jumped you responded so calm, warm and soft! I wouldn’t have expected any different! Love you, friend.

  4. Sydney, love! I just boo hooed at work watching this! I am so happy for you and am so happy to know that baby will have the best parents it could ask for. You two are beautiful. I love you! Thank you for sharing and congratulations!!!

    • Sorry to make you cry- hope you were wearing water proof mascara 😉 Thank-you sweet girl. Feeling blessed by your love and support and would love to hug you. Passed by the tights store (Waldorf, I believe?) and thought about you. So proud of what you are doing, even if it took you way too far from the dance family. Love you!

      • Of course I wasn’t wearing waterproof mascara haha. When I’m back in TN there are many hugs to come 🙂 I’m getting ready for my first concert with my 60 babies and I am one proud mommy lol. I am gonna tell Allison to find you and hug you for me. I need a Sydney hug. Love you too!

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