Excuse me, but I’m NOT glowing?

The pregnancy glow is a lie.

There is nothing glowing about me.

or this pregnancy.

All I do is:

throw up

get a cold (Im on my third one already)

get heart burn

get up to pee 3 times a night

and other unmentionable, heinous acts.

Baby, I love you. I truly do with all my soul. 

But this pregnancy thing so far, rips.

And if one more person uses the term PREGGO or PREGGERS to refer to my current state, I will slap them with a sandwich.




2 thoughts on “Excuse me, but I’m NOT glowing?

  1. It’s totally a lie that you glow when you’re pregnant! I mean, you might glow a little red right after you puke. Mine got better at 13 weeks this time (with our boy), but lasted until 18 weeks with our first (a girl). I hope yours goes away soon, just know IT WILL! And then you’ll get other symptoms…but hey…some things are better than feeling like puking all day.

    • Ha! So true. Also, morning sickness is a lie because I’m pretty sure that Mother Nature doesn’t care what time in over a toilet (or sink or trash can or the side of the interstate..whatever’s closer). It’s been a special kind of hell and I pray it’s over soon. 18 weeks?! That’s total bullcrap and you deserve a special reward

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