Dreaming of you

Dear baby,
Last night I dreamt of you. I have dreamt about you before and you have always been a girl. However, last night you came out as a 6 month old baby boy! Hahaha! I have always been a vivid dreamer but I haven’t really been dreaming the past few weeks so last night came as a surprise! I’ve never pictured myself with a boy, ever! But last night helped me see a little glimpse of what it might be like. I come from a family that is dominated with women and I grew up with a sister and all girl cousins so I’m pretty clueless to boyland. If you do come out a boy, I will be excited to learn all things boy. I know your dad will have to help me in that department.

Love you,


2 thoughts on “Dreaming of you

  1. I never dreamt a gender with either one, but when I was around 35-38 weeks with Harper, I dreamt about her and the one thing that just stuck with me (and I obsessed over) was how striking and blue her eyes were when she was born in my dream. She definitely came out with those same blue eyes I dreamt about!! I know most babies have blue eyes when they’re born, but now that she is a year old, she STILL has blue eyes. Both John and I have green eyes, so I am convinced my dream was telling me she would have blue eyes!

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