The Thrifty Mama


This Mama isn’t afraid of a bargain. In fact, I thrive on them. I geekily adore thrifting and finding unique treasures to make our home, home. My Mom (your Mum Mum) is the reason I am who I am, she loves to thrift too.  I love repurposing and thinking creatively. Your Daddy does too- he made me a bed out of reclaimed barn wood and it’s one of my favorite treasures. I love yard saling and Goodwill. Oh, how I love Goodwill. Some might think it’s grubby, but that’s because they haven’t truly embraced it for all it’s shiny goodness. I usually look for household items & antique sheets (they are the best!). I very rarely find clothes because that takes another caliber of patience that I don’t possess. Lately, however, I’ve kept my eyes peeled for baby things. My last Goodwill shop was very successful!



I found a never been used, still in the packaging Boppy Cover for $4. Granted, it’s pink so if you don’t come out as a London June I will have to pass it on to someone with a girl. Either way, it was a steal and had to scoop it up when they are usually $10-$20 in stores.  I also found 2 brand new never been opened, GLASS(!) Born Free bottles. I was planning on using glass bottles and was extremely happy to find this brand…at Goodwill! I will have to buy the nipples and accessories but it would be impossible to find these anywhere else for $2.99 each. Steal of the century. (They are usually $20 for 3)

I haven’t been out of the house in 3 days because I have been so sick with a cold and I’m going stir crazy. I need to get out and about and have a date with myself. Coffee shop & Goodwill? Sounds like the perfect pick-me-up!  Well babe, off I go to try to score some baskets for Christmas presents at you guessed it, Goodwill. I’ll see what other loot I can find too.


Your Thrifty Momma



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