Naming you…again.

Dear baby,
Our girl name is set to London June as we’ve said before but I have been wavering on our boy name for quite some time. Originally, it was going to be August Monroe. I have ADORED the name Finley for some time but your Dad didn’t want to hear about it. However, he forgets things a lot so I bring up Finley and other names at different times trying to test and gauge his current mood. When I brought it up today, he loved it! Here’s some of the options we talked about:

Finley Monroe
August Finley(you would go by Finley though)
and the old choice is still in the running- August Monroe.

Your Dad asked me to look up the meaning of Finley and I jokingly answered “warrior!” in a deep heroic voice. When I looked it up on the Internet I burst into laughter because Finley literally means “fair warrior”. Hilarious!

I hate to throw August out all together but I love Finley Monroe. Your dad said its a very strong name. I said it was a kick-ass name. I’m aloud to say ass because I’m a Mom. You, however, are not and if you do it’s the naughty corner for you mister…or misses.

Love you baby.



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