Maternity Clothes & Christmas

Dear baby blueberry,

This week has been a difficult one. Full of physical and emotional draining. So today, I needed a kick in the behind to get up and going so my Mom (your mum mum) called and asked if I would like to meet up for some last minute Christmas shopping. I agreed and was glad I did. We shopped and shopped and then went to Cracker Barrel and sat directly in front of their wood burning fireplace with coffee and pecan pie and rocking chairs. Pure bliss. We talked a lot about you and sadly she wasn’t too fond of the name Finley. We said it reminded her of Finland so naturally, I called her a racist. What’s so bad about Finland, anyways? Nothing. Just let it set in and she will eventually come around… And if she doesn’t well, we might be back to square one with the boy name.

Earlier this week, you might remember that I took a trip to Goodwill. I was excited to find 2 basically brand new Liz Lange maternity dresses. I was shocked to find them and in such good condition. I tried them on and I’m not near ready to wear them but when Spring rolls around and I’m as huge as trucker, they will be perfect.

I love the color and print of this one the best.


I’m not crazy about this print but love the cut and fit. It will be perfect for that last month of June carrying you because it’s size Elephant…and it’s a summery print.


I was then excited to find some brand new French Connection brown and peach leather ballet flats (adorable!) for $2. I tried one shoe on in the store and it fit perfectly- score! Not really, because when I tried them on at home I realized I couldn’t fit the right one on…did my foot grow overnight? No, it was a whole size smaller than the left shoe. Really?! Some Goodwill buys just don’t pan out. Now the shoes just sit there taunting me with their leathery adorablemess. Yes, I intentionally spelt it that way.

I’ve spent the week wrapping Christmas presents and I will be honest and say that your Dad wraps so much better than I. This frustrates me because I feel like this is something I should be great at. It makes sense though, because in 5th grade I took an origami class ( I went to an arts magnet school) and left everyday in tears because I just couldn’t fold the paper like our teacher did. It was a traumatic experience. But when it comes to accessorizing the gift though- I’m a rockstar. Yep. (I’m such a loser!


See that tiny, itsy bitsy, darling chevron stocking? That’s your’s bebe’. Impractical? Well, of course. We couldn’t pass it up though.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and it will be the last one with just your Dad and I. Next Christmas you will be crawling around the Christmas tree and keeping us on our toes! It shakes my world to think about!

Love you baby,


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