I Hope You Get Your Dad’s Teeth & 15 Weeks

Dear baby,

I haven’t been as active on the blog lately because of some major tooth drama. While I was hanging out with your Mum Mum (we were on a hunt to find a few clothing pieces to hold me during this awkward size time) I began to feel some tooth pain but with all my dental issues I wasn’t alarmed. Nothing out of the norm! We ate dinner and then I was off on my way home to Nashville. Gradually, my tooth pain became worse…and then worse…and then unbearable. I found myself speaking out loud a few mantras, trying to calm myself while I drove. I repeated “This too shall pass”, “You are okay”, “You can get through this”. The pain began to radiate up into my whole left side of my face and my sinuses. I could no longer speak out loud and I tried to decide whether I should pull off the side of the interstate. I decided that was a bad idea as it was dark and rainy and I just wanted to be home. I tried focusing on my breathing and I held my face and cried. I called my Mom. I didn’t know what else to do. She’s been through all my other horror dental experiences and has shared the same kind of pain. I just needed to hear her voice and have her talk me through the rest of my drive.

I hope I can be the person you call when you’re at the end of your rope. 

I was managing but staying in front of the worst pain I’ve ever experienced  but then I hit a wall and I knew the pain was winning and radiating more fierce than ever. That’s when I lost it. I couldn’t breathe through it anymore and I burst into uncontrollable sobs…while driving. I knew this wasn’t good and Mom tried her best to get me to focus on driving. I got home, gave Lucas the phone, went directly to the medicine cabinet to find Tylenol. I then applied an ice pack directly to my face. My Mom directed Lucas to make warm salt mixture and I gargled with it, all whilst sobbing. I was terrified that the pain wasn’t going away. Eventually, after the ice pack practically froze burnt my face off, I got some relief. I took some Phenergan to knock me out and settle my nausea (the pain made me want to throw up). I slept through most of the night, occasionally having to apply the ice pack and then I would dose off.

I’ve known pain like this before. Because I have a genetic disease called Amelio Genesis Imperfecta that is dental, I have spent a lot of time in the dentist chair. The pain I was feeling was like an abscess times 1,000. I went to the dentist the next day and sobbed the entire way there because the pain came back. Thankfully, this time your Daddy was driving. Once they saw me crying in the dentist office, they rushed me to an open chair, identified where the pain was and then stuck a giant needle with heaven inside (a numbing agent). Then the gods sang as my lips seemingly grew ten x’s larger and my entire left side of my face felt like it was melting off. Total relief. And I soooo didn’t care if I couldn’t feel the drool rolling down my chin; the pain was gone!

After lots of X-rays (and me slightly freaking out and telling them a thousand times that I’m pregnant) they immediately found two huge abscesses next to each other. One of these teeth were so long that it went up into my sinuses which was what was causing me the pain to radiate into my sinuses. He said that this infection had been brewing for about 1-2 years and it doesn’t hurt until it gets big and then BOOM it hits you like a ton of bricks. I was shocked! He also said that because I’m pregnant my gums were very agitated and swollen which might have contributed to the massive amount of pressure I felt.

Within 15 minutes of being there, they started root canal number one out of two. He focused on the bigger abscess and drilled a hole in my crown and pulled out the nerve. He said the nerve should have been stiff like a splinter but it was completely limp (and sooo gross) and dead. He couldn’t believe it! Then he exclaimed about how much infection was draining out and even laughed. At this point, it didn’t bother me. I was just so relieved that I was getting this horrible stuff out of me that caused so much trauma.

I was however, constantly aware and worried about how this was affecting you. I had my arm around you the entire time as if I could shield you from what was going on. I was glad that they put two lead aprons around you during the X-RAYs and called my midwife a couple of times to get the “OK” on some of the medication they would be using during the procedures. Still, I was worried for you. Also, I was operating on fumes. The adrenaline rush I had the night before and the during the trip to the dentist exhausted me mentally and physically and it was difficult to think straight. I had nothing left and I just wanted to kiss the dentists and their staff for fixing me up so well and treating me with calm voices, reassurance and communication.

I talked to my Mom after the whole ordeal and we both agreed that if I could get through that much pain with just a dose of Tylenol, I probably can get through birth. At least with labor pains, their is a glorious gift after it all unlike the unrelenting tooth pain I felt. Sometimes, I really think all these trials (the big & small) that I have gone through while carrying you is just preparing me more and more and making me strong enough to be your Mama. I know bringing you into the world will make our lives more difficult and our pockets smaller but the reward will much outweigh all the discomforts. You will make our trials seem like ant hills because you are our greatest treasure!

I hope you get your Daddy’s teeth. 

Baby Blueberry Update:


Also, in the past few days I am almost absolutely sure I’m feeling you! During one of my many bathroom trips during the middle of the night, I laid awake for some time and felt you nudge me. It wasn’t a kick or anything that powerful. Instead, it was if you were leaning against my abdomen where we find your heart beat! I also felt several stirrings or tuggings. It’s hard to express what I felt but it was definitely new and exciting! I was shocked and continue to be shocked when I feel these new sensations. I find I usually feel them when I’ve been very still or laying down- usually in the middle of the night or when I take a bath! I think your Daddy is getting jealous because he wants to feel you kick so badly. That won’t be for several more weeks probably.

Loving you always,



3 thoughts on “I Hope You Get Your Dad’s Teeth & 15 Weeks

  1. This blog is truly amazing to me. You are such a beautiful woman and you and Lucas are going to be amazing parents. I hate that you had to endure such pain, although I have never experienced that myself your description of it was enough to make me hold my face. I look forward to reading your posts because I think that pregnancy and all its details are amazing to read about. Children and pregnancy are two VERY sensitive subjects for me because when I was 18 I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. I had to have a total hysterectomy and it shattered my life completely. Giving birth to my own seed was one thing I looked forward to my whole life, knowing that a piece of me would continue on for years to come. thank you for allowing me to peek into your life, this is amazing! IF you ever need anything or someone to talk to, i’d love to be apart. I appreciate you and Lucas because although you may not know it, Lucas brings me so much joy at dialysis because of his sense of humor and actually caring about me as a person and not just another patient, and he is lucky to have such a wonderful beautiful wife – you guys seem to have it all and it is inspiring. I look forward to many more posts… much love – Jessica

    • Jessica- that comment is outrageously encouraging and uplifting. I continue to be inspired by your spirit even with the trials you have faced. I am so sorry to hear about your Ovarian cancer diagnosis. Despite this, you still find ways to encourage others and have a positive attitude even while you face the “real” stuff of life.

      I am blessed to know Lucas is an encouraging spirit to you during Dialysis. I know he absolutely loves that aspect of his job!

      And lastly, we might seem like we have it all but I hope that I never come off dishonestly. Because, we are both broken and find times that we are swept away by bad circumstances. We do have love though and that has never failed us. I hope I can portray our life here and in all the other facets of our lives with brutal honesty through struggles and victories.
      Thanks for sharing your honesty and encouragement!

      • By no means does it come off dishonest and thats what i love about you guys. Keep smiling because its infectious! LOL… I can’t wait to meet the blueberry!

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