17 Weeks


Dear Blueberry,
This week we celebrate 17 weeks together and it has flown by! This week you are the size of a sweet potato- that’s bizarre! I still remember being thrilled when you were no longer a ball of cells but a size of a poppyseed!


I tried to find a picture of a sweet potato that was cute but I just realized how awkward and ugly sweet potatoes really are! You are much cuter. This is a estimated guess of what you look like:


You can hear my voice and heartbeat and hopefully this soothes you. I haven’t been feeling your flutters lately but I should be feeling bigger movements soon and I just can’t wait for that! We listened to your heart beat last night and it still is in the 140-150 range. You kept moving away from the doppler and Dad had to go hunting for you again! There was a time where we could find you and you would stay in that same spot for weeks. You keep moving higher into my belly causing me to show a little!

I am sick again with a bad cold- lots of head and chest congestion and I’ve been miserable. I spent the whole day in bed yesterday and I’m doing the same today so that I will feel better for work. I am getting frustrated with how I seem to catch everything and it doesn’t help that we have a lot of sick babies in our classroom! It makes me so very nervous and I just want you to be safe. My midwife really wants me to take a break from work but I can’t! If this cold doesn’t get better than I will have to stay home tomorrow but I am determined to get better. I have researched like crazy trying to find natural, safe remedies for cold and flu while being pregnant.

Lots of dark leafy greens- check!
Lots of vitamin C- check!
Vitamin D- check!
Humidifier- check!
Wash hands until they fall off- check!
Lots of liquid- check!
Probiotics- check!
Apple cider vinegar tea- check!
Lemon chicken soup- check! (Taziki’s has the best and it helped my chest stop hurting for a little bit)
Rest- check!

I have also read that getting adjusted at the chiropractor really helps and I think that will be my next step! I am desperate to feel better and STAY better. Being pregnant during a horrible cold/flu season is awful and next time I will think about that (as if I can wave a wand and determine when we get pregnant next time).

I am so thankful for the midwives and their team at Vanderbilt. I messaged my midwife in tears yesterday asking for advice on how to build my immune system and one of the administrative ladies read it and called me this morning just to tell me how sorry she was that I was sick again and gave me a few more options of safe medication I could take. She knew my midwife wouldn’t be in until tomorrow so she wanted to give me a little bit of encouragement until my midwife could get back to me. I could have kissed her!

Usually when I’m sick, I just have me to worry about and I could just grin and bare it it. Now that I’m caring for you, being sick makes me a nervous and paranoid wreck! Your safety is what matters most and I don’t want your sweet potato of a body going through any unneeded stress! I know you will get sick one day when your out here in this world but at least I can see and hold you and check your temperature. I have no way of knowing how this is affecting you now so I must rely on pure faith. This pregnancy has definitely been a test and journey of pure faith like no other I have experienced. I’m learning the hard lessons about trust and dependence on others and God which doesn’t come naturally to miss independent me. You are my greatest teacher. In my weakest, I learn to love deeper and rely on the One who gives us both life. May I draw on Gods strength when I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom physically, emotionally and spiritually. May I drink from Gods cup that gives renewal of the Spirit and healing to the sick. May you be protected and safe and feel loved, truly loved.

I love you with every particle with in me!


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