28 Weeks

So, here we are miss London June.

We’ve entered the last trimester of pregnancy, and it’s hard for me to believe.

Hello, third trimester.

28 weeks


Your kicks have become more fierce and you twirl, roll and flip all of the time. I love it. I can’t get enough. I love watching my stomach pop and move when you do and so does your Daddy. Oh, your daddy-he’s so in love. Every night he’ll lay his head on my tummy and without fail you kick him right in the ear, every time. It’s like you’re saying “Hey, move it Dad!”  He laughs every time. I love this new normal, this new little part of our routine. I know it won’t last for very much longer- we will have the real deal to coo and gush over in about 2 months & 20 days (yes, I have a countdown!). But still, I know I will miss this. The excitement of the glimmer of mystery. I surprise myself constantly. After the horrendous first and second trimester, I never thought I would enjoy pregnancy. I loathed the pregnant women that were spilling over with elation. I looked at them with sheer confusion and I wanted to throw up on their glowing faces. But now, I get it. I feel you and I get it. And now, some pitiful 1st trimester pregnant mama wants to throw up on me and I so so understand why. So, I will try to keep my elation to a dull roar.

We have scheduled our 4D ultrasound for next week and I also have an appointment with the midwife. My appointments are beginning to get closer and closer together. Your Aunt Whitney is busy planning your baby shower and people are already giving gifts to you. It’s becoming very, very real. When I go out, I get the pregnant stare, the nods and smiles of other mothers and people are quicker to open the door or offer a seat. It’s like the parting of the seas. Pregnancy perks- thank goodness for them!

This week, I have really come to terms with your arrival and accepted that I actually am pregnant. Silly sounding, I know.

So excited to hold and love on you but until then, Daddy and I will relish in your kicks and flips!

Love you, London June.




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