32 Weeks

Dear Miss London June,

The past few weeks have swept me away and I’m just keeping afloat. It’s been so very busy and I’m just waddling through, literally. Your Dad, Mum Mum and Aunt Winnie and I went to our church’s World and USA National conferences. We journeyed by car (9hrs!) to Independence, Mo. and had packed full days from 8am -9pm everyday. We joined with thousands of church members from over 50 countries to worship, discuss and vote on some very important decisions regarding our  denomination. During the USA National conference we voted on and passed homosexuals to serve in the priesthood, marry in legal states and join in a covenant union where it is not- I am elated and so very excited that you will grow up in a church community that values the worth of all persons.



This picture was taken shortly after I burst into tears because my feet were SO swollen and I couldn’t fit them into my shoes. We walked around so much after sitting for long periods of time and that combo made my feet explode. Please note by barefootness and the half smile. I tried so hard to keep my head up but I think I cried at least once a day. Once we bought some sandals, I felt a lot better though. I enjoyed seeing old friends from all over the place that I’ve met at varying events and churches but I felt a little bit overwhelmed by the hundreds (yes, hundreds) of people that would stop and comment on my pregnancy every single day. Being pregnant is a joyous thing and I love that others are drawn to you and are curious but being in an auditorium with a 1,000+ people everyday and having people stare and comment over and over proved to be a bit much. I tried to take it all in and let it roll off my back but there were times where my hormones took over and tears shortly followed. Being pregnant is probably the most vulnerable I’ve ever felt. You can’t hide it even on the days you are really struggling with the changes your body is going through. It’s those days when you wish your huge stomach wasn’t the conversation topic over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, I truly appreciated the love and support people (most of who I didn’t know from Adam) showered you and I with but I’m glad to be home where my belly and swollen feet don’t take the spotlight.


During the week, there was a particular day where I was EXTREMELY uncomfortable and something just felt off and different. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but I actually looked up where the nearest hospital was because I was worried you might make an early entrance into the world. The next day, I woke up feeling great so I didn’t think too much about it again. When we got home, I had a midwife appointment and when she was pushing and measuring my belly she pushed VERY low on my abdomen and exclaimed “Wow! She is definitely head down!”. I think the reason I felt so weird and off was because you were turning head down- I’m sure of it.

So, my dear, you are ready to go..almost! Just a few more weeks to bulk up and put on a few more pounds. Currently you are over 4 pounds and about the size of a pineapple. I’m tired of comparing you to fruit. I think its pretty stupid really. I mean fruit varies within it’s own family quite a bit so Im sorta confused about how and who decided fruit was the best way to compare all these babies to.

In other news, we are trying to find a house and time is really running out. We met with our realtor and he made us feel confident about it but then we lost a whole week when we went to conference and we are just trying to get back into our work routines. We decided that we are going to convert the guest bedroom into a mock nursery for now because there’s a very good chance we won’t be into a house by the time you’re here and we are learning to be okay with that. It’s not what we had planned, but life rarely is so we are just going to go with the flow. We found a beautiful crib that we are going to paint a beautiful mint color. I wont be able to paint and decorate this nursery like I would love to until we are in the new house but it will still be welcoming and warm until that time comes. Here is some of the nursery inspiration I have:

Nursery Inspiration

Ofcourse, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to your nursery  and wardrobe.

I’m getting so very excited to meet you and hold you. I feel like my pregnancy has FLOWN by and it’s hard to believe that you will be here in a matter of weeks! Daddy is so excited to0- it’s so very sweet.

Love you always,

Mom xo



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