London June’s First Week

Dear London June,

My heart swells. 

It feels as if it may implode at any second a thousand and one times. 

Joy abounds. 

and abounds. 

Our cup has been filled and it runneth over filling every dark and dim crevice with light. 

My daughter has been born and she breathes in the same air I do. 

I’ve never known joy or love like this. I’ve never been more proud of anything in my entire life. You are perfection personified. You have brought God into our house more than any prayer prayed here. I find myself knee deep in overwhelming holiness and joy and I’m convinced we’ve brought a little bit of Heaven to earth. 

London June Hutson 


7.3lbs 19inches of smiling perfection born at 8:44am on a glorious Friday. 

After 13 hours of non-medicated, all natural labor you took your first breath, cried and made us all the do the same thing. 

I will eventually write you your entire birth story when I’m in the right state of mind- every time I think about writing it, I end up in a puddle of tears. For now, I want to share every little detail of your first week of life. As I’m typing now, you are nursing and doing such a great job! You have made the first week of motherhood so easy.

London June, during your first week you:

+ haven’t stopped smiling. You smile when we talk to you, especially in the morning. You smile in your sleep constantly and make another million other little facial expressions that your Daddy & I could watch for hours. Everyone comments on how smiley of a newborn you are! You’re a rare gem.








Image+are so alert. You are constantly staring at us with your beautiful almond eyes that are currently a beautiful blue. I wonder if they will change into a dark brown or hazel like your Daddy and I have. 



+You adore your Daddy and he is absolutely head over heels smitten for you. I have literally been in tears after watching him love you so tenderly. We are constantly fighting over you but I’ve tried to let go a bit and let him have you since he will have to go back to work soon. He enjoys being your Daddy so much- from diaper changes to dressing you to you sleeping on his chest, (his most favorite thing in the world) he is just relishing in all of it. 










+ you have DELICIOUS dimples!!! I am so in love with them. We can thank Daddy for that genetic contribution. 



+ your Mommy is ridiculously in love and obsessed with you. I have posted far too many photos of you on various social media outlets shamelessly. 









+ You celebrated your 1st 4th of July and got to meet more family and church family at GrandMum’s house. 



London June, you have won over every fiber of our hearts and everyone who meets you just swoons over you!

You are joy.

You are love.

You are pure heaven.

You are quite magnetic.

Lots of people told us to just dig our heels in and survive “those first two weeks” and we must have gotten so very lucky because this first week as just been pure bliss. You sleep through the night and we have had to set alarms so we can wake you up to nurse (however, the pediatrician told us to let you sleep since you haven’t lost weight!). You are such an easy, happy baby and you are teaching us about a whole new type of love. One that is deeper, wider and less explainable. You are making our marriage more dynamic and strong- we are learning about real team work. To see our love fleshed out in such a precious life is the biggest blessing I’ve received. We are a family and you have made that so. We are standing on Holy ground.  

You are my biggest, most joyful adventure and I love you more than words. Always and forever. 


Mom xo 



2 thoughts on “London June’s First Week

  1. I am using hypnobirthing, too! Did you find it effective as they say or was it hard to practice the methods while in the moment?

    Congrats, she is precious!

    • Hello Becca!
      So gad you are using hypnobirthing! It was a wonderful tool that I practiced most in the beginning stages of labor. As my labor progressed, I decided I wanted to listen to my music playlist. My start of labor was incredibly difficult/fast with a few unexpected complications. The hypnobirthing really came into play at those critical moments and allowed me to breathe through the chaos. Once we had the 1st part of labor under our belt, everything went perfectly and I had a beautiful, peaceful birth. Congrats to you and I wish you love and joy for your birthing experience!

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