Our Story


Quirky and relentlessly sassy, I’m just a 20 something that loves thrifting, creating, dancing, ministering, blogging and loving on others.

I created this blog when our baby was just a twinkle in our eyes. I decided I wanted to write to baby before it came down from the heavens so that it could know what my husband and I were like when it was just the two of us. Now, I know this blog was just the baby nudging and preparing me for it’s arrival. I was in major baby-fever denial.

And now, we’re pregnant and writing letters to our baby “Blueberry” as Daddy has deemed him or her.

I try to be honestly brutal about the mountains and valleys of pregnancy and unveiling the lie that every pregnant woman “glows”. I vow to never use the words “Preggo”, “Preggie” and “Preggers”  from this point on.

Welcome to the crazy (& sometimes Hellish) roller-coaster ride that is pregnancy!



When I’m not writing letters to the baby, I’m usually writing on my original blog: Mint & Honey: The Bittersweet.


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