Announcing Baby Video

I am one of those people who plan way in advance. I love planning parties, events and shindigs, along with my favorite event: my wedding. Naturally, I have been planning what type of mom I wanted to be for quite some time. My husband is the same way. I knew before I was pregnant that I wanted to capture everyone’s reaction to our baby announcement. I wanted something my children could watch when they were old enough. So, when I found out I was pregnant and the initial shock wore off I knew I had to act quickly. I set up a hidden camera to record my husband’s reaction and decided to capture as many reactions on film as we could afterwards!

So, here is our reaction video! I adore watching everyone’s unique reaction because they completely fit each person. I hope my child cherishes this video as much as I do!

Click Here for our video!

4 thoughts on “Announcing Baby Video

  1. I met you last night at (in)RL and we’re now following each other on IG. After stalking your pics and blog (haha), I love your style. And this video made my husband and me cry! (I’m the 6 1/2 week along girl…and after watching this, we are definitely going to figure out how to video everyone!) Let’s keep in touch!

    • I’m so glad you found me on here and I look forward to stalking you back! Lol! I totally remember being newly pregnant and just bursting at the seams to tell someone so In glad you felt safe enough to share with us last night! I still love watching everyone’s reactions and I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to watch and appreciate it. If you record, I hope you post it! If you ever want to grab coffee please let me know! I would love to connect. 🙂

  2. I’d love to grab coffee sometime! Here’s the thing…the hubs and I leave Wednesday and are gone until July. So, by then, Miss London June will be here! The three of us can get together and you can share all your mommy wisdom with me =)


    • Girl! I so admire your bravery to be on the road for that long. I am sure it is a mixture of adventure and stress. Until July, let’s stay connected online if possible! Take care! xo

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